KwaMashu residents worried over criminals renting properties

Residents of KwaMashu are concerned about criminals renting out properties.

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In a shootout with police on Friday morning in the northern Durban township, four alleged cash-in-transit robbers were killed.

According to the police, the group was renting out the property on Queen Nandi Drive and using it as a safe house.

They found Limpopo registration plates, automatic rifles, signal jammers, and explosives.

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The police operation on Friday, according to Mbuso Makhathini of the neighborhood Community Policing Forum, has given locals some relief.

” The levels of crime prevented us from sleeping soundly at night.

We’ve never seen anything like the arsenal that was used to commit these crimes.

According to Makhathini, local homeowners will need to devise a method of screening prospective tenants in order to safeguard both their homes and the safety of the neighborhood.

Two murder suspects who were wanted in Zululand were detained here yesterday. For more than two months, they had been hiding in K section. The neighborhood supported the police.

Watch: The KwaMashu heist” hidout” crime scene is still active.

On Friday morning, Makhathini was among those gathered in front of the high-walled home on Queen Nandi Drive.

Some people discussed the gunshots they heard during the shootout in low tones.

Many people declined to comment when reporters approached them.

Three cash-in-transit heists in eThekwini, one of which killed a security guard, led to the operation.

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