Residents of Newcastle are invited to talk about the proposed Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill.

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Beginning on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, at the Newcastle Show Hall, residents of Newcastle will have the chance to express their opinions on the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill.

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The National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy encourages citizen participation in accordance with section 59( 1 ) of the Constitution, and Parliament is actively seeking public input on this important legislation.

The Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill’s main goal is to significantly alter the electricity landscape in South Africa by amending the Electrical Regulation Act of 2006. Through significant legislative reforms, the proposed amendments seek to transition the industry away from a monopoly-driven market and toward one that is more open and competitive.

The Bill’s main clauses include:

  • enabling new generation capacity and additional electricity.
  • establishing the Transmission System Operator SOC Ltd., a company with predetermined responsibilities.
  • establishing a free market environment to promote trade in electricity.
  • transferring to the National Transmission Company South Africa SOC Ltd. the responsibilities, authority, and functions of the Transmission System Operator.

In essence, the Bill aims to reform the power industry by establishing a national grid and transmission system for privately generated electricity.

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa ( NERS A ) has the authority and responsibility to license electricity generation, transmission, distribution, import, and export, as well as trade activities that necessitate such licensing, according to the Electricity Amendment Bill.

In order to replace the National Transmission Company of South Africa SOC Ltd as a market facilitator, the Bill also establishes the Transmission System Operator Ltd’s powers, functions, and responsibilities.

The public hearing at the Newcastle Show Hall on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, starting at 10 am, is open to residents.

Click here to read the full text of the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill, 2023-B23-2023, if you’re interested.

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Participate in the democratic process that will determine the future of the electricity sector by leaving your comments below with your thoughts on these suggested changes.

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