Arnolds says DA unlikely to receive two-thirds support to dissolve JHB council

Reynolds predicts that DA wo n’t get two-thirds of the vote to dissolve the JHB council.

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Margaret Arnolds, the newly elected Johannesburg Speaker, stated that it was unlikely that the Democratic Alliance ( DA ) would win the necessary two-thirds of council votes to overthrow the city’s political system.

After being appointed Speaker without opposition on Monday, Arnolds was speaking to the media.

The DA intends to file a motion to dissolve the Johannesburg Council at the first meeting she will preside over on Wednesday of next week.

According to Arnolds, public officials should make an effort to effectively use the council as a forum for sharing suggestions for enhancing service delivery.

” Councillors, working together with all 270 council members, political party leaders, and whips is possible for the Speaker to accomplish such.” We all have a responsibility to actively uphold the council’s decorum.

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