Truck congestion at Richards Bay port caused by failed rail system – RFA

RFA: Failed rail system is causing truck congestion at Richards Bay port.

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The country’s failing rail system, which should be used to transport goods, is to blame for the truck congestion at Richards Bay port, according to the Road Freight Association.

Due to heavy traffic on the roads, Transnet suspended receiving goods from trucks at the port.

The association expressed surprise at this choice and questioned what would become of the necessary export goods.

The Road Freight Association suggested that the country’s rail system could be fixed in order to address the recent problem as Transnet challenges continue to grow.

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According to the association, the port was not designed to accommodate the region’s truck traffic.

It’s time to find alternative strategies for managing the logistics industry, according to CEO Gavin Kelly.

” Transnet and those crucial infrastructure pieces must now be transferred to the public sector so that the private sector can operate a productive industry.”

This is because the Umhlathuze Municipality has sued Transnet for failing to manage the port’s truck volumes.

On Tuesday, Transet and all those affected are scheduled to meet.

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