Road repairs in New City, Newcastle are part of a municipal project.

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Potholes that contaminate the city’s roads are a persistent problem that Newcastle residents are all too familiar with. However, as the Newcastle Municipality and New City Newcastle work to solve this persistent issue, a tremendous effort is being made to put potholes in the past.

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With its teams actively patching up numerous potholes in the Central Business District ( CBD), the Newcastle Municipality recently started a mission to restore the local roads.

Because of the government organization’s tenacity, its Communications Unit announced that Montague Street, one of its most severely damaged roads in Newcastle, was finally being fixed as part of a restoration effort to rebuild the city.

Additionally, the Newcastle Municipality has restored 80 % of this road, allowing residents to drive safely, as part of their ongoing battle against potholes throughout the city, according to the municipal communications unit.

Peet Liebenberg of AfriForum Newcastle has expressed concerns about the strategy used in the CBD, despite the fact that the Newcastle Municipality is making progress to address the pothole problem. We are all pleased with the Municipality’s project, but we would like to see a more systematic approach, Liebenberg said, expressing satisfaction with its efforts but pleading for more. We began at one point and moved toward another when AfriForum collaborated with the Newcastle Municipality. However, it appears that the Newcastle Municipality is patching the potholes more randomly.

Liebenberg emphasized AfriForum Newcastle’s contribution to raising community awareness through its pothole repair project, which helped the Municipality become more determined to address the problem as the government strengthens its commitment to improve service delivery.

Gustav van der Linde of New City Newcastle revealed plans for an upcoming initiative to address potholes in addition to the Newcastle Municipality’s efforts. It’s good that the Newcastle Municipality and New City Newcastle are both working on potholes, he said. We’ll work together with the residents of Signal Hill and Hutten Heights to close potholes there.

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Van der Linde explained that New City Newcastle has obtained the necessary materials and a compactor to start work on the potholes and is determined to work with the Newcastle Municipality and follow necessary regulations for road repairs.

Van der Linde continued,” We will start in the next week, depending on the weather, and we will concentrate on making the areas pothole-free,” concentrating on roads like Impala Drive in Hutten Heights and roads in Signal Hill. Members of New City Newcastle will also be working for the Newcastle Municipality by getting their hands dirty.

Residents are encouraged to express their opinions on these initiatives in the comment section below as part of a coordinated effort to restore Newcastle’s roads. The joint project aims to improve the Newcastle community’s access to smoother, safer roads.

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