Rapper A$AP Rocky to stand trial over allegedly shooting at old friend

Rocky, a rapper, will go on trial for allegedly shooting an old friend.

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A$ AP Rocky, a rapper from Los Angeles, will go on trial on Monday for twice shooting at his former friend and pulling the trigger on him.

The 35-year-old, who has two kids with R&B star Rihanna, is facing two counts of semiautomatic firearm assault. The accusations have been refuted by him.

Terell Ephron, a founding member of the A$ AP collective, was reported to have suffered minor injuries following the altercation in Hollywood in November 2021, according to the court.

Ephron, also known as A$ AP Relli, claimed at a hearing last week that the two men’s friendship had deteriorated and that he had abandoned other group members. The group was established in New York in 2008.

He claimed that while Rakim Mayers, real name of A$ AP Rocky, had achieved fame and fortune, other group members had fallen into abject poverty and drug use.

The two men engaged in a fight that was only partially captured on camera after one of the group members passed away.

Mayers allegedly pulled a gun and pushed it toward his stomach while yelling,” I’ll kill you right now,” according to Ephron.

Later, during a fight, Ephron claimed that he had “failed everyone” but that no one had the guts to tell him.

Ephron added that Mayers had then fired at him, grazing his left hand,” I just wanted him to hear my side.”

On January 8, Mayers, who is currently free on bail, was given the order to appear.

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