SAJBD on Israel’s recalling of ambassador to SA: ‘A great pity’

SAJBD:” A great pity” regarding Israel’s recall of its ambassador to SA.

JOHANNESBURG: Eliav Belotserkovsky, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies ( SAJBD), has been criticized for Israel’s decision to recall its ambassador to South Africa.

The decision was made on Monday in response to recent moves against Belotserkovsky and harsh criticism from the South African government of Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza.

Additionally, it coincides with Parliament’s Tuesday vote on a motion by Economic Freedom Fighters to close the Israeli Embassy in South Africa and sever diplomatic ties.

Following the most recent South African statements, [ Belotserkovsky ] has been called back to Jerusalem for consultations, Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lior Haiat stated in a statement on X, formerly Twitter.


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Karen Milner, the national chair of the SAJBD, said:” It is regrettable that the Israeli ambassador has been sent back to Jerusalem for consultations as a result of hostility toward him in South Africa.

The ANC [African National Congress], the South African ruling party, and the government of South Africa have been relentlessly demonizing and bullying the Israeli ambassador in a way that has been detrimental to communication and engagement. “”

Recently, South Africa called a meeting of its own Tel Aviv-based diplomats.

After these consultations, we hope and trust that the South African and Israeli ambassadors will both travel back to their respective nations in a way that will promote further discussion and peace-related engagement. “”

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