Senzo Meyiwa: Sibiya ‘was making admissions’ hours after his arrest, court told

Senzo Meyiwa: According to the court, Sibiya was making admissions hours after his arrest.

The Senzo Meyiwa murder trial accused one of confessing to the crime during the police’s initial investigation, according to a case heard by the Pretoria High Court.

In the course of a trial, another investigator for the national cold cases unit has testified.

Two of the five men accused of killing the football star in 2014 are testifying in court to determine whether their confessions are admissible.

Sergeant Batho Mogola, an investigator in the murder case of Senzo Meyiwa and one of the arresting officers, is giving testimony to the court.

In echoing the testimony of other police officers who participated in the arrest, Mogola has described what transpired on the day the first accused, Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, was detained for drug-related crimes.

She claimed that after discovering nine live rounds of unused ammunition at Sibiya’s shack in Tembisa, they continued on to the Vusumuzi hostel, where he claimed to have discovered the gun with a friend.

Just hours after Senzo Meyiwa’s arrest, according to Mogola, Sibiya began singing about the incident.

” I could, my lord, see that he was making admissions when I asked him a question, and that is what I saw him do.”

Mogola insists that before inquiring about Meyiwa’s murder, she forewarned Sibiya.

She added that she repeatedly explained to him his constitutional rights.

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