Services provided by Rob Ferreira Hospital were praised by Mpumalanga MEC during open day.

Services provided by Rob Ferreira Hospital were praised by Mpumalanga MEC during open day.

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During an educational open day on November 10 hosted by Sasekani Manzini, the MEC for Health, some members of the public praised the medical services provided at Mpumalanga’s tertiary and referral hospital, Rob Ferreira.

Others used the occasion to discuss some of their hospital-related problems.

Manzini once more listened to grievances and compliments from the general public, including villages in Nkomazi and the surrounding areas, just a week after the same incident at Themba Hospital in KaBokweni.

The board and CEO of Rob Ferreira Hospital, Fridah Nyathi, were among the problems Manzini urged them to address, including hygiene and cleanliness.

Chrystal Phangisa, a Mbombela resident, brought up the subject and informed Mpumalanga News that she had personally offered to assist in maintaining the hospital’s cleanliness.

Additionally, the EFF chairperson in Mpumalanga urges young people to cast ballots.

I’ve done a lot of research, but nothing has been done, and nobody wants to take responsibility—especially not in the cleaning department. I ca n’t imagine how the patients who must use healthcare facilities every day must feel in such a filthy hospital. Although this hospital offers excellent services, it is unhygienic. We must work together to find ways to keep the hospital clean because it serves the community.

Sibusiso Jele, a Msholozi community member, claimed that due to the absence of clinics, it is difficult for Mbombela residents to receive medical care on time.

CEO of Rob Ferreira Hospital, Fridah Nyathi.

In the kidney, cancer, and tuberculosis treatment units, among other community members, the hospital and its staff were praised for their perseverance and diligence.

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Manzini reassured the neighborhood that the Department of Health would continue to give people priority and adequate healthcare. The Mpakeni Traditional Authority and other attendees of the open day were thanked by her.

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Manzini also urged members of the community to schedule routine medical examinations for early illness detection and follow-up care.

I advise people to begin at their neighborhood clinics in order to access healthcare services because” Rob Ferreira Hospital deals with referrals from regional hospitals.” It’s a procedural matter. In order to prevent disruptions to health services, she added,” I also promise the public to be patient as the department handles all challenges and concerns raised accordingly.”

The Mpakeni Tribal Authority’s Chief Sicelo Nkosi.

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