Quality of staff top priority for DA in KZN should it come into power – Rodgers

Should the DA in KZN take office, staff quality will be the top priority. Rodgers

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DURBAN- The Democratic Alliance ( DA ) in KwaZulu-Natal ( KZN ) is already considering what it will do if it gains power the following year as South Africans register to vote in the 2024 general elections.

By becoming the first DA leader to rule the province, its premier candidate Christopher Pappas hopes to make history.


DA in 2024: Keep the WC, coalition in KZN, and GP, but most importantly, bring ANC below 50 %.
Voter margins between the DA and ANC prior to 2024 polls “have never been so close,” according to Zille

Concerns about the condition of KZN, including some of its municipalities, and the caliber of the provincial government’s staff have been expressed by the party.

Francois Rodgers, the province’s DA leader, declared that his party would appoint competent individuals to leadKZN.

Cities like Msunduzi and eThekwini, where service delivery is at an all-time low, will have administrators there who can actually do the job, we have made it clear after 2024 when we govern in this province.

According to Rodgers, KZN must appoint experts to important positions.

” In order to turn those cities around, we will see to it that engineers and individuals with expertise in service delivery begin running them.”

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