Rise Mzansi convention: SA needs to fix education system, says Sithembile Mbete

Sithembile Mbete says at the Mzansi convention that SA needs to reform the educational system.

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The second day of the People’s Manifesto Convention was held on Saturday at Constitution Hill by the newly formed political party Rise Mzansi in Johannesburg.

The party, led by Songezo Zibi, invited a number of speakers to discuss how to improve South Africa’s growth in the months leading up to the general elections in 2024.

Dr. Sithembile Mbete, a professor of political science at the University of Pretoria, stressed the significance of reestablishing the nation’s educational system during his keynote address.

Less than 50,000 of the one million young children who begin school in Grade One 12 years later will graduate from this nation’s universities.

Mbete used Finland as an illustration of the need for transformation in the education sector.

No matter how much money their parents made, they decided that all students would get free meals at school. The fact is that wealthy children will be eating well at school if they consume the same foods as poor children.

They made schools a place where people could receive psychological counseling and medical care. They offered individualized guidance, and as a result, Finland now has the world’s best educational system.

On Sunday, the convention is anticipated to end.

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