Six high-risk parolees in KaBokweni are visited by correctional services.

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Six high-risk parolees were recently visited as part of a special monitoring operation by the Department of Correctional Services( DCS ) in an effort to raise awareness, with assistance from the KaBokweni SAPS, the community policing forum, and the Khumalo Tribal Authority.

The quarterly operation discovered that the ex-offenders appeared to fit into their respective KaBokweni communities.

The operation, according to Cynthia Anton, manager of the DCS parolees unit, aimed to increase visibility for the community’s members and families as well as to involve community safety stakeholders.

” We expect the SAPS and others to help and keep an eye on the parolees in our absence to monitor their day-to-day activities.” We want to develop a system that will enable us to track down the fugitives, connect with the former offenders, and help them improve their lives, she said.

Surprise Bulunga, a parolee, and Cynthia Anton.

According to Anton, the DCS helps the ex-offenders by working with other departments like home affairs and social development.

We have developed strategies to assist parolees in getting IDs so they can work and make money, and we have social workers who can help if they have trouble integrating into the community.

We” encouraged the ex-offenders during this operation to launch their own businesses and utilize the skills they gained while serving time in prison.” They can easily communicate with us thanks to our open partnership, which also makes it simple for us to invite them to work on projects requiring their skills, according to Anton.

She claimed that they were able to visit each of the six offenders, some of whom are prospering. She claimed that community involvements were also possible during the day’s activities.

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members of the Khumalo Tribal Authority, KaBokweni SAPS, community policing forum, and Department of Correctional Services.

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