Pavilion robbery: Slain Durban cop described as ‘dedicated’

Slain Durban police officer was described as “dedicated” in the pavilion robbery.

The robbers shot Sergeant Riyadh Adams on Sunday as they fled from Westville’s Pavilion shopping center.

On their way out of the shopping center, they came across Adams ‘ police car after targeting two stores.

In the hospital, the officer passed away from his wounds.

Yusuf Moola, a close friend and coworker of Adams’s, claims that upon learning Adams had been shot, Adams rushed to his side.

“ER24 was dispatched to arrive as soon as possible. I kept telling him to hold on as they pulled him out of the car, but all he could manage to say was,” Bro, bro,” similar to saying “bro.” Hold on, bro, we’re taking you to the hospital, I was just saying.

” They arrived at the hospital.” I claimed that I needed to concentrate because we were dealing with suspects, so I refrained from going there. We searched for these individuals. “”

The Cato Manor Trio Task Team included Adams.

He is regarded as a devoted police officer with strong ties to the Cato Manor, Bellaire, Sydenham, Overport, and other communities he served.

Imtiaz Siyad, a different friend, claims that Adams resolutely took the front lines.

” The one thing we all remember is that, whether you worked for the police or a security company, he used to say something to everyone who was close to him.” He would say,” Howzit, Bhai,” as soon as he saw you.

We’re going to miss hearing him call,” Bhai, where are you?” We’re going to miss the fact that he was always our first call when things got busy and difficult to handle. I actually thought of Riyadh as a brother. “”

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