Eskom says stage 3 load shedding on Sunday

Stage 3 load shedding, according to Eskom, on Sunday

It claims that in order to prepare for the upcoming week, it must do this to replenish emergency reserves.

The utility says it will update its load-shedding schedule for the remainder of the week on Sunday afternoon.

Eskom announced that Unit 1 at the Koeberg Power Station, close to Cape Town, has begun supplying power to the national grid, which has prompted the news of the planned power cuts.

After being shut down for maintenance and refueling almost a year ago, the utility claims that it was successfully synchronized on Saturday.

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Three steam generators were replaced at Koeberg, according to Daphe Mokwena of Eskom, marking a significant milestone.

Eskom identified the replacement of steam generators as a requirement for the extension of Koeberg’s operating license beyond its intended initial life of 40 years, indicating that it represents” a significant milestone in the history of the company.”

Eskom has already submitted a license application to the National Nuclear Regulator for Koeberg’s 20-year operational life extension, which is being reviewed by the regulator.

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