State to oppose bail for alleged Phala Phala burglary mastermind

State to oppose bail for alleged mastermind of a burglary named Phala Phala

JOHANNESBURG: The State intends to oppose the release of the alleged mastermind in the case of theft and burglary at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s farm.

Following the unopposed release of his co-accused, Froliana and David Joseph, on bail on Friday at the Bela Belo Magistrate Court in Limpopo, Imanuwela David is still the only defendant in the case.

In addition to stealing about$ 580,000 in cash from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s farm in 2020, the trio is accused of several counts of housebreaking.

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Imanuwela David is the only one of the three defendants in this case who is accused of money laundering.

David has n’t had legal representation in either of his previous two court appearances.

However, Nkhetheni Munyai, the state prosecutor, revealed on Friday that David’s legal counsel had informed him that they intended to request his bail release.

” Accused number one intends to submit a bail application, represented by Mr. ( Koena ) Matlala.” On December 6, 2023, that application will be submitted to this court, and the State can declare up front that it is an opposed bail application and is prepared.

The Sunday Times reported this week that David allegedly purchased expensive cars, alcohol, and clothing with the US dollars he had stolen.

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