State of SA reason enough for people come out and register to vote – Steenhuisen

Steenhuisen is the state of South Africa’s justification for people to cast their ballots.

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DURBAN- According to Democratic Alliance ( DA ) leader John Steenhuisen, the nation’s current state should be sufficient justification for people to cast their ballots in 2024.

Steenhuisen had to wait until Saturday to find out his voter status in Durban because he had forgotten his identification card.

In advance of the 2024 general elections, more than 23, 000 voting locations across the nation were open all weekend.

In an effort to unseat the African National Congress ( ANC), he cited water and electricity outages, the high crime rate, and other justifications for South Africans to use this weekend to get ready for the polls.

Before the 2024 polls, the DA and ANC’s voter margins have never been so close, according to Zille.

One of Steenhuisen’s daughters, who was registering to vote for the first time, joined him as he spoke to journalists at Northwood Boys High School.

The DA leader discussed how the voting station’s procedures were going.

The system kept displaying the address to a different address or voting location despite the fact that it was on the map. As things develop, I suppose the IEC [ Electoral Commission ] will address these issues. I suppose it’s better that these events take place now rather than on election day.

Steenhuisen also discussed what seeing his eldest daughter register meant to him as a father.

” To be here for this special day makes me incredibly proud. Since the birth of both of my daughters, politics has been a part of our family, and they regularly visit this station to cast their ballots.

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