stricter controls to try and prevent foot and mouth disease

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A Stock Theft and Foot-and-Meat Disease Awareness event was held at the Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane on Tuesday, November 14 by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

People were forewarned by MEC Thabo Mokone that purchasing stolen livestock is illegal and subject to arrest. ” From this point forward, operations are being planned, and obstacles will be overcome.” The police, farmers, the neighborhood, and forums are all collaborating with us.

In order to stop the spread of foot-and-mouth disease to other regions of the province, Mokone stated that they would also collaborate with law enforcement authorities to track animal movement. To stop the virus from spreading further, the department urged farmers and livestock owners to follow the movement restrictions put in place in all the affected areas.

Depressed animals, mouth sores that make them reluctant to eat, and lameness are all symptoms of the disease, according to Mokone. ” The neighborhood state veterinarian must be notified right away of any suspected cases of the disease.” Animals and animal products are not permitted to move through the affected areas, which are subject to quarantine. We both agree that we must work together in this situation. Until we are satisfied, we wo n’t permit movement. We will be watching and bolstering our team, said Mokone. There may be people who, when they believe no one is watching, try to maneuver and sell animal products to one another.

Due to the large number of police officers involved in these criminal activities, farmers in the Limpopo area expressed their concern over the rise in livestock theft in their villages and farms. They also claimed that the issue would never be resolved.

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Mr. Emmanuel Mudau of Mathuba Genetics, a local farmer who attended the event, expressed concern that something bad might happen to them or their families if they got too involved or reported corrupt police officers. ” As farmers, we must improve our security.” All of our cattle and goats are disappearing. People no longer steal in order to obtain food. People no longer steal just one cow, he claimed, making stock theft a lucrative industry.

Mudau requested assistance from the government in immunizing their livestock as well.


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