Pupils with disabilities seek representative party and accessible voting process

Students with disabilities want access to the voting process and a representative party.

KIMBERLEY: According to students with disabilities, they are looking for a political party that will give them equal representation.

On Sunday, Eyewitness News discussed voter registration and future aspirations with students at the Elizabeth Conradie School for Disabled Learners in Kimberley.


IEC: The goal is to encourage younger people to cast ballots.
Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.
– Is there sufficient justification for citizens of South Africa to cast their ballots?

After having his leg amputated, Katlego Ramaro now wears a prosthesis. He claimed that residents of Kimberley despise those who are disabled. He hopes that by casting his vote, voters will better understand the equality of all people with disabilities.

Bradley Bostander, another blind student, declared that he would support a party that would give disabled people the same opportunities as able people.

He claimed that in order to realize his goals, he should be given the same opportunity.

Voting requires special assistance for Bostander.

” I hope Braille or any other voting-friendly device will be available. I’ll be voting for the first time the following year [2024].

The two expressed their excitement to cast their first ballots and improve the lives of young people with disabilities across the nation to Eyewitness News.

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