Marshalltown fire survivors placed in shacks with no water, electricity

survivors of the Marshalltown fire are housed in shacks without access to electricity or water.

JOHANNESBURG- Marshalltown fire victims are now housed in makeshift shelters without access to electricity or water.

A five-story hijacked building called uSindiso was destroyed by fire in August; 77 people were killed, dozens were hurt, and hundreds were left displaced.

On city-owned land in Denver, the City of Joburg is housing the fire victims in corrugated iron buildings with just one window, a door, and no furniture.

Only a few green and white mobile restrooms are dispersed near the entrance, and more than 100 corrugated iron rooms the size of one parking space have been converted into Marshalltown fire survivors.

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A mother and her child were using a stack of clothes as pillows to sleep on the floor when Eyewitness News entered the house designated as shack number one.

Another woman was preparing food for her family right next door using a three-legged iron pot.

She expressed her surprise that they would be forced to live in such appalling circumstances to Eyewitness News.

They abandoned us, leaving us in terrible shape. We do n’t have electricity, and some mobile restrooms are filthy. What will I prepare for my kids?

South Africans are the only ones who can use these shelters, and it’s unclear where the migrants are going or if the survivors will be relocated.

Inquiries about the state of the shelters have not yet received a response from the City of Joburg.

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