MANDY WIENER: Swifties, political Tinder, and getting young people to vote

Swifties, political Tinder, and encouraging youth to vote are all mentioned by MANDY WIENER.

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Taylor Swift, a popular Instagram user, posted an Instagram story earlier this month. a message urging” Swineyies” to cast their ballots. On the platform, Taylor Swift has 272 million subscribers.

” I’ve recently had the pleasure of seeing so many of you guys at my US shows. She said,” I’ve heard you speak louder, and I know how strong they are. ” Make sure you’re prepared to use them this year in our elections!”

A link to sign up for Vote, a nonpartisan non-profit in the US, was included in her post. org.

Swift’s supporters voted, responded, and listened. More than 35 000 registrations were noted by org.

The 35, 252 new voter registrations on National Voter Registration Day surpassed all previous records, according to NPR.

More than twice as many 18-year-olds were registered as there were in 2022.

CEO of Vote, Andrea Hailey. org referred to it as a” highly encouraging sign of voter enthusiasm ,” particularly among newly eligible 18-year-old voters. Young people are consistently showing up and demonstrating their concern for their rights and voting rights, according to Hailey.

Swift acknowledges that she has the ability to sway young people, the most significant segment of the electorate, and that their participation in elections is crucial.

In South Africa, where voter turnout is alarmingly low, especially among young people, there is a desperate need for such influence. Only 12 million South Africans cast ballots in the 2019 local government elections.

Getting young people to vote will be crucial because the national general election is scheduled for next year.

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According to a report titled” The South African non-voter: An analysis by Collette Schultz – Herzenberg ,” which was released in December 2020, young people are showing up to vote in proportionately lower numbers despite the fact that the country’s young population is bulging.

According to the report, there were roughly 11.7 million eligible voters in the 18 to 29 age group for the 2019 elections, based on Statistics South Africa’s population estimates for 2018. They made up about one-third of all voters who were qualified. Despite their numerical dominance, they had disproportionately low registration rates.

Only 5.6 million of the 11.7 million young adults were registered between the ages of 18 and 29. Only 19 % of the youngest( 18 – 19 ) voters were registered. With a total of 273 010 votes cast in 2019, about 80 % of those actually did so.

According to” global studies ,” South Africa is no different from other countries in terms of its youth’s declining propensity to attend and vote. The implications, however, are concerning for nations like South Africa where a sizable portion of the electorate is young. According to Schultz-Hemmerberg, if young people’s turnout keeps dropping while this cohort keeps growing, their lower participation rates will further lower the nation as a whole.

The claim is that young people are more difficult to mobilize, less likely to identify with well-established political parties, and unconvinced of the benefits provided by elected officials.

It’s not that young people are apathetic or don’t care about the nation or democracy, as commentator Tessa Dooms noted in News24 earlier this year. Voting hasn’t yielded the outcomes they had hoped for, which is the problem. Why should young people bother casting their ballots for candidates who haven’t shown any signs of success?

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There must be a groundswell of support for efforts to persuade young people to register and vote between now and the national elections in South Africa the following year.

To appeal to this cohort, creative and novel approaches are needed. Yes, involvement will be needed from influencers like Taylor Swift, our modern-day equivalents.

Young South Africans are being persuaded to vote by a group of political and economics students using Tinder.

Yoh Vote’s co-founder Ryan Young recently explained on The Money Show that the website is a political matchmaking website that is” pretty much political Tinder.”

The Yoh, Vote website lists the statistics that show the nation’s depressing voter apathy and its proposed solutions.

We pondered whether or not using Tinder and dating websites is something that many young people have experience with.

Importantly, the website includes a link to ensure that you sign up for political dating” because that’s the real way to register.”

Increased voter education is necessary, but most importantly, young people must be persuaded that politicians will keep their word and that their votes are actually worthwhile. That will require some persuasion given the current situation.

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