Tap-to-start playlists are among the new features added to Amazon’s most recent Echo Buds.

Tap-to-start playlists are among the new features added to Amazon’s most recent Echo Buds.

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Lawrence Bonk

A recent software update added a number of new features to Amazon’s Echo Buds, though the majority of these tools are only compatible with the recently released 2023 earbud lineup. First off, you can now start a suggested playlist by tapping the earbuds; this eliminates the need to struggle with your phone or even ask Alexa for assistance out loud. Everything is in the faucet.

The settings in the corresponding Alexa app allow you to launch playlists with just one long press or three taps. Given that Amazon claims to access “your preferred audio provider” to find the playlist, it appears that this feature is compatible with all of the major streaming services. To begin, simply click” Tap Controls” in the Echo Buds device settings.

Additionally, there is a brand-new audio personalization tool that enables you to adjust the sound to better fit the content you’re listening to and your surroundings. For instance, you can adjust the frequencies to make a fuller sound while walking by emphasizing the bass. The business provides additional instances of this feature’s utility, such as when using a laptop to watch movies. Given that not all sound sources are created equal, this might actually be very helpful.

Once more, use the Alexa app to access the Echo Buds device settings to view the options for audio personalization. Your right ear may even be louder or offer a different frequency range than your left, thanks to the ability to independently adjust both ears. According to Amazon, it takes about four minutes to set everything up here. Additionally, it’s important to note that both the 2023 model and the second-generation Echo Buds from 2021 can use this feature.

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