Ten Hag claims that Man Utd’s lack of consistency and concentration cost him.

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Manager Erik ten Hag said on Friday that Manchester United’s poor start to the season can be attributed to a lack of consistency throughout the 90 minutes of games, with players’ concentration levels falling at the wrong times.

After seven games, with three victories and four losses, United has had its worst start in a Premier League season, sitting 10th.

In all competitions, they have also dropped three of their final four home games at Old Trafford, including their losses to Crystal Palace and Galatasaray on Tuesday, respectively.

The issue we are having is consistency. We perform admirably in significant portions of the games, but there are times when we struggle and are unable to survive, according to Ten Hag.

We must act morally, consistently, and in the same manner as before in order to mark occasions like when we score or concede a goal. We must take action.

” We’ve discussed it, how we can get better, and we come to some agreements. Concentration is one factor, but there are other factors, in my opinion.

Marcus Rashford has drawn criticism for the current campaign, where he has only scored one league goal after scoring 30 times in all competitions last year.

Ten Hag, however, backed the 25-year-old forward to regain his self-assured best and claimed it was only a phase.

Strikers, they need a moment and it will come when they are unable to score. He is so skilled, and Ten Hag predicted that if he and the team act appropriately, momentum will build, putting him on fire.

” Not always at the same levels is normal. Everyone is aware of his qualities, including the opposition. Rashy, however, is in charge if he is acting appropriately and the team is placing him in the appropriate locations.

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He’s getting into good positions, as we’ve seen over the past few weeks. He is currently having some difficulty, but this will pass because everyone is aware of his qualities.

For the first time since joining the squad after police looked into his ex-girlfriend’s assault allegations, Ten Hag said Antony is” ready to start.” The 23-year-old was used to replace Galatasaray in the game.

Sergio Reguilon is out injured, and Jadon Sancho is still unavailable due to a disciplinary suspension from the first team.

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