Tesla Superchargers will be available in North America to Kia EV owners.

Tesla Superchargers will be available in North America to Kia EV owners.

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Malak Saleh

12, 000 Tesla Superchargers will be available for use by Kia electric vehicle owners in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This is happening as the company introduces its EV9 electric SUV, which we earlier this year dubbed” one of the most important electrical SUVs.” This action is in line with a larger industry trend where automakers and Tesla are working together to improve EV charging capabilities. Within the last year, rivals like Hyundai, Ford, and General Motors have all made similar moves.

Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2024, Kia announced plans to incorporate the NCAS port, the most popular charging standard, into all of its new electric vehicles sold in North America. This will guarantee that its EV drivers have access to high-speed charging networks, such as Tesla’s. In the first quarter of 2025, Kia also intends to provide adapters for any EV9s made prior to the change as well as the current Niro models.

One of the main factors influencing the adoption of EVs is the availability of charging stations. Tesla’s network of 50,000 superchargers in North America has been viewed as a crutch by many American and foreign automakers. Supercharger stations were only intended for Tesla drivers when Tesla first began expanding its network in 2012. However, as more electric vehicles have entered the mainstream market, there has been a healthy increase in demand for access to charging stations. According to a report from Meticulous Research, the market for electric vehicle charging stations in North America is expected to reach$ 17.6 billion by 2030.

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It is reasonable to anticipate that other automakers will follow Kia’s lead given the current market dynamics. But it’s too early to say whether Tesla will keep leading the charge to make charging stations accessible. Notably, seven major automakers — including Kia — are attempting to build a new charging system in North America that might compete with Tesla’s current network. In order to hasten the adoption of electric vehicles, the new joint program aims to establish about 30, 000 high-powered charging points close to cities and highways.

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