Phala Phala burglary accused’s bail decision set to be handed down Friday

The bail decision for the burglary suspect Phala will be announced on Friday.

BELA BELA: On Friday, it is anticipated that two of the three accused in the burglary case in Phala will receive their bail decisions.

To learn the outcome of their bail application, siblings Froliana and David Joseph are scheduled to show up at Limpopo’s Bela Bela Magistrates Court.

In February 2020, the two are accused of breaking into President Cyril Ramaphosa’s game farm and stealing about$ 580,000 in cash.

They could be released on bail with no opposition from the state prosecutor.

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The National Prosecuting Authority ( NPA ) claimed that Froliana was a Namibian national when she was detained.

However, Froliana claimed in her bail affidavit that she was a native of South Africa who was born and raised there.

She claimed to be raising a newborn child in the same neighborhood as her family.

David, her brother, claimed to live in Mthatha, in the Eastern Cape, and works as a driver for the Fidelity security company.

The siblings have both admitted to the court that they are not flight risks and have country roots.

Magistrate Predeshni Poonan will need to determine whether the two have provided compelling justifications for being released on bail because their bail applications were under schedule five.

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