City’s Jobs Connect platform helping with employment receives award

The city’s Jobs Connect platform, which assists with employment, is recognized.

The business networking company Tamil Business Warriors has recognized the City’s platform Jobs Connect, which aids Capetonians in finding employment.

Four projects were shortlisted for the Chapter Head Special Award, with Jobs Connect finishing first.

Being recognized in this way is incredibly satisfying for Jobs Connect and the team behind it. Alderman James Vos, a member of the city’s mayoral committee for economic growth, said that the City started this project after I gave our Enterprise and Investment Department the task of developing an easy-to-use, accessible platform that linked job seekers with employers.

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According to studies, job-hunting can cost an unemployed person in South Africa up to R1 500 per month, including everything from sourcing opportunities to printing CVs and transportation to drop-off applications or attend interviews.

By developing a user-friendly, affordable online platform,” Jobs Connect” significantly lessens that stress by streamlining the job seekers ‘ application process.

People can use their phone or desktop to access job opportunities thanks to the platform, which is data-free for MTN and Vodacom users.

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Along with completing a digital literacy and numeracy test, users create an online profile that functions as sort of digitalCV.

Users can view the training and learning opportunities available to them after being registered and evaluated, and they can also conduct a local search.

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Leelyn Management can also be contacted at [email protected ] or by phone at 021 558 1552 to register as an employer.

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97 982 people have already registered for and finished the platform’s assessment.

Eric Kobo, a Capetonian, signed up for Jobs Connect more than one year ago and began working there just one month later. He confirmed that he had enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others.

Anthea Mesias, the Catalyx social development agency’s Western Cape Regional Manager for the Jumpstart training program, discussed how businesses can use the platform. When there are typically no resources to concentrate on recruitment, Mesias explained that their organization collaborates with the Jobs Connect team to find candidates.

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It’s been a great experience with” Jobs Connect.” We’ve found working with their team to be very helpful, and the service is quick.

The City’s” JobsConnect” connects businesses with the right people to help them grow their operations by assisting job seekers in finding knowledge, training, and employment opportunities. With this program, we are achieving our goal of reducing the unemployment line, according to Alderman Vos.

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