Margaret Arnolds elected City of Joburg’s council speaker

The council speaker for the City of Joburg was chosen by Margaret Arnolds.

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Margaret Arnolds, a member of the African Independent Congress, has been chosen to speak on the Johannesburg council.

The coalition of African National Congress-Economic Freedom Fighters, which controls the majority of council seats, nominated Arnolds.

Floyd Brink, the manager of the city, just recently announced it.

According to item five of the schedule, the presiding official must declare a candidate duly elected if only one candidate has been nominated. Therefore, I hereby formally appoint Margaret Sharon Arnolds as the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality’s council speaker.

DA ignores CoJ’s pointless extraordinary council meeting to choose a new speaker, according to READ.

After Colleen Makhubele, who had been holding the position, was let go by her party Congress of the People last week, the job was up for grabs.

The Democratic Alliance ( DA ) boycotted Monday’s meeting in the meantime, claiming it was a financial waste.

Belinda Kayser, the leader of the DA caucus, stated that she would not participate in such a waste of money and would therefore decline to attend the meeting. We still stand by our position, the Johannesburg council needs to be resolved, and we wo n’t legitimize the doomsday coalition while they waste taxpayer money.

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