WC High Court overrules CT mayor’s appeal in child inheritance case

The CT mayor’s appeal in the child inheritance case is overruled by the WC High Court.

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Geordin Hill-Lewis ‘ appeal to the Western Cape High Court, which is presided over by Judge Daniel Thulare, was denied in order to contest a ruling involving an inheritance dispute for the mayor of Cape Town.

The child had no family to turn to after his mother was killed, according to The Cape Argus. The court ordered Mayor Hill-Lewis to create a trust for the child and make it easier for him to inherit his late mother’s RDP home.

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The curator, the Eastern Cape Premier, and the Director-General of the National Department of Social Development all followed the court’s orders, according to the judgment.

Hill-Lewis was criticized by Judge Thulare for his technical approach to the case, which highlighted a disregard for the child’s welfare in the face of parental misfortune.

The courts must leave him alone because, in his opinion, it is none of his business for children who have been the victims of crime to lose the benefits of a home while those who are not entitled to the homes owned by the children’s deceased and/or imprisoned parents enjoy them.

Hill-Lewis ‘ office responded to the Cape Argus’s request for comment by saying:

The City takes note of Judge Thulare’s decision to revoke the leave of appeal. The dismissal does n’t seem to have a strong legal or rational basis, so the City is now seeking legal counsel before directly requesting leave to appeal from the SCA.

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The mayor’s actions were criticized by the National Colored Congress, which questioned his moral rectitude because they prioritized his own interests over those of the weak.

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The party claimed that this incident “raises questions about Mayor Hill-Lesh’s leadership, making him possibly the most uncaring, least empathetic, and most arrogant mayor in post-apartheid South Africa.”

An anti-gender violence organization called Ilitha Labantu expressed outrage over the mayor’s choice and emphasized how the state had failed to safeguard the child.

Child protection NPO Molo Songololo praised Judge Thulare’s decision and urged Mayor Hill-Lewis to give child rights priority and look into all available safeguards.

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