Some Diamond Park residents’ decision to vote hinges on RDP house delivery

The delivery of RDP homes will determine some Diamond Park residents ‘ choice to vote.

KIMBERLEY- Diamond Park residents have conflicting opinions about how they will cast their ballots in the general election of 2024.

As Sunday is the second day of the Electoral Commission’s ( IEC ) voter registration drive, they spoke with Eyewitness News.

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According to Gloria, an early childhood development (ECD ) educator, children must receive ECD education in order to mature into responsible adults who want to further their education.

The teacher bemoans the department’s lack of administrative and financial support while relying on parents ‘ contributions and donations. She does n’t feel like voting as a result.

Charlene Jacobs, a different resident, disagrees. The Neighbourhood Watch recently apprehended copper cable thieves along the railroad track, and Jacobs is a member of that organization.

She declared that she would cast her ballot as usual.

” Voting is a right.” I want the neighborhood to change. There are n’t enough houses there, so the people must construct them for us.

Gloria organized demonstrations to have RDP homes built in Diamond Park on behalf of the late Lucas Tsiloane and his wife.

However, before the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs ( COGTA ) department ran out of money, only half of the promised homes were constructed.

The locals started a protest earlier in 2023, calling for RDP homes.

Gloria and Charlene concurred that once COGTA finishes the housing project and families can live respectably, Diamond Park residents will be in much better shape.

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