The DLC for Cities: Skylines II is postponed so that the base game can be fixed.

The DLC for Cities: Skylines II is postponed so that the base game can be fixed.

Will Shanklin

Colossal Order, a developer of Cities: Skylines II, is postponing the expansion plan for the city-building simulation. The team decided to stop making quick patches and focus instead on more time-consuming performance and bug fixes after receiving numerous complaints about the PC game’s performance ( and the delay of console versions until 2024 ). We should n’t rush new content out before the base game is ready for it, CEO Mariina Hallikainen said in an apology for the delay in a blog post.

Most Cities: Skylines II expansion passes content back by a quarter due to the development delay. From Q4 2023, the Beach Properties asset pack will now be available in Q1 2024. In Q2 2024, two creator packs—Modern Architecture and Urban Promenades—will be released. Finally, Q1 and Q2 2024 are used to replace Deluxe Relax and Soft Rock radio stations, respectively. Bridges & Ports expansion is still available in the Q2 2024 slot, though.

Prior to publishing new content, Hallikainen’s blog post mentioned the need to address more time-consuming bug fixes and performance issues. She wrote,” We’ve finished the quicker fixes, and we’re now looking into the ones that need a little more work.” Before moving on to CPU optimizations, including stutter fixes, the CEO mentioned applying fixes for graphical details to enhance GPU performance while ensuring a quick and seamless experience. According to her, the development team is currently sorting through player bug reports and has found 100 reproducible problems that need further investigation.

Screenshot from the game City Skylines II, showing green and red buildings and zones, indicating the selected category in the city-building simulation.

Interactive Paradox / Colossal Order

The game’s minimum and recommended specs were raised by Colossal Order weeks before it was released, with the message” We have not met the benchmark we targeted” warning. Cities: Skylines II‘s anticipated release date was chosen by both it and Paradox Interactive, its publisher. Fans panned the product when it first came out in late October, hoping for a consistent experience that would build on the 2015 version. They bemoaned the PC hardware it runs on, including in some cases fairly high-end setups, as well as the shoddy performance, clumsy core gameplay components, and general lack of optimization.

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Colossal Order appears to have understood the message despite fans ‘ disappointment with the title’s stability. We will concentrate on the console release and DLC content once the PC version is where we want it to be, according to Hallikainen.

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