The experimental OpenAI chatbot Clyde is already being killed by Discord.

The experimental OpenAI chatbot Clyde is already being killed by Discord.

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Cheyenne MacDonald

Less than a year after it was first released, Discord is discontinuing Clyde, its AI chatbot. A note warning users that the bot will be deactivated at the end of this month has been added to Clyde’s support page. Clyde was introduced by the platform in March and was referred to as an experimental feature. It uses OpenAI technology to power it.

Users wo n’t be able to use Clyde in direct messages ( DMs), group messages, or server chats by December 1, 2023, according to the note. Clyde was designed to function as a server-accessible AI helper. It could also be used for amusing conversation, and users could request games or jokes from it. However, it did n’t seem to spread widely, and some users complained that their servers were never able to access the bot in the months that followed its release. Additionally, screenshots that were occasionally posted to the Discord subreddit demonstrated how easily it could be persuaded to use derogatory language.

Clyde wo n’t be around in December, regardless of the cause of its closure. Along with the release of Clyde last year, Discord added additional AI features, such as conversation summaries, avatar editing, and moderation tools.

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