Focus is on getting younger people to register to vote – IEC

The IEC’s main goal is to encourage younger people to cast ballots.

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CAPE TOWN- Compared to Census Statistics, the Western Cape’s 3.1 million registered voters—roughly 61 % —hope to see an increase.

The goal is to encourage younger people to register on Saturday and Sunday, as it is elsewhere in the nation.


  • Over 23, 000 stations are open for voter registration this weekend.
  • How to sign up to vote in the general elections in 2024
  • Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.

According to the Electoral Commission’s statistics, there are only slightly more than 400,000 registered voters under the age of 30.

However, census data reveals that at least two million eligible voters, regardless of age, are not registered.

Michael Hendrickse, the leader of the Western Cape’s electoral district, stated that his team has been working with the provincial education department for several months to educate and motivate students about the value of voting.

In order to carry out civic education, they have visited more than 200 schools annually.

To promote voter registration, the commission has also been touring tertiary institutions.

Over 4, 000 officials, many of whom are unemployed young people under the age of 35, will staff 1, 572 voting locations across the Western Cape on Saturday.

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