Durban-born filmmaker’s take on suburban life goes international

The international perspective on suburban life of a filmmaker who was born in Durban

As South Africans, we are the owners of anything associated with success or winning, just like the Rugby World Cup.

Anything that emanates from KZN that resonates with success and achievement can be said to be similar. This time, it manifested as a movie.

one that closely resembles the humor found in Durban North’s suburbs.

Love, Your Neighbour was directed by Durban-born director Jethro Westraad in honor of South Africa’s affluent neighborhoods and its residents.

One of the most renowned documentary festivals in the world, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam ( IDFA ), has chosen the documentary as a World Premiere. ( IOL )

We are thrilled to see content like this being featured on an international forum because that is such a great honor in and of itself.

Despite being physically close by, the documentary highlights the intangible barriers to communication between neighbors. ( IOL )

Many people find it amusing that stereotypes about the culture of upmarket communities are prevalent.

The stereotype is that people who live in isolated areas with strict security measures and use WhatsApp to communicate with neighborhood watch crime groups without actually speaking to one another.


Love, Your Neighbour skillfully captures the director’s journey as he makes an effort to communicate with the neighbors through their intercoms rather than knocking on their doors. ( IOL )

We must admit that witnessing a Durbanite craft an emotional story that touches on relatable but sensitive material is quite the phenomenon.

It demonstrates that despite the hardships we face in our nation, humor can still be found there.

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