The legendary ARP 2600 M synthesizer from Korg is available from Reverb for$ 1,150.

The legendary ARP 2600 M synthesizer from Korg is available from Reverb for$ 1,150.

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This may be your chance to shine if you’ve been wanting to spend money on a classic-looking synthesizer this holiday season. Reverb is providing a sizable discount on the Korg ARP 2600 M recreation for 2021. With this agreement, the cost is reduced to$ 1,150 as opposed to$ 2,000, saving$ 850 or 42 %. To make the deal even sweeter, it’s important to note that this sale is for brand-new models rather than used synthesizers.

The 39-year-old ARP 2600 M reissue from Korg recreates a synthesizer that was completely stopped in 1981, before even E. T. was released. The” M” ( mini ) moniker is a result of this remake’s relative faithfulness, despite the fact that it is much smaller and lighter than the original.


The three recognizable oscillators are still present, along with a dual-mode, self-obscillating low-pass filter that allows you to browse various sounds while referencing ARP’s illustrious past. Even a real spring reverb tank and two built-in speakers are included; while these are excellent for brainstorming, they should n’t be used for microphone recordings. Since this model lacks XLR audio outputs, use one of the TS style jacks to lay down tracks.

Despite the absence of a dedicated keyboard, it’s important to emphasize how much the miniaturized and lightweight form factor streamlines the music-making process. It is simple to gig with or move between studios because it is only 13 pounds heavier and half the size of the original. The original ARP 2600 weighed almost three times as much. Additionally, purchasing a vintage 1970s model can cost up to$ 13,000.

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This is a part of Reverb’s Dream Deals event, which includes deep discounts on everything from Fender guitars to Focusrite audio interfaces. When the tools and equipment run out, all of these deals come to an end.

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