The licensing department let the Bombela taxi operator down.

The licensing department let the Bombela taxi operator down.

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Lucky Mashaba, a taxi driver from Likazi, claimed that it has taken him more than six years to get his professional driving license( PDP ).

Mashaba claimed that in 2017, the Nelspruit Licensing Department granted him a temporary license after his initial application for the permit.

” When I applied, I paid for everything, and everything seemed to go according to plan until I returned a few weeks later to get the license and received the runaround.” My license was listed with someone else’s photo, I was informed. Except for the photo, every piece of information on the license card was accurate. The frustrated man said,” I was advised to reapply, which I did, but I never received any explanations as to why a false photo was used for my license.

He claimed to have reapplied, but the license was never given back. ” Since 2017, I’ve had to pay R170 to grant a temporary permit, which expires three months later.” I’ve received more than ten temporary permits over the years so that I can follow the taxi operator licensing requirements. The only way I can support myself is as a taxi driver. The licensing department has let me down so many times. I’ve been deeply affected by this situation because I constantly worry that if I don’t have my PDP license, traffic officers will detain me.

Mashaba revealed to Lowvelder Express that another Pretoria resident had registered his ID number in 2011. He was able to obtain a different ID number, though. He claimed that he has a sneaking suspicion that it’s the same person who appeared in his PDP photo.

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When I was fined for speeding on a road I had never driven on, I learned that someone had used my ID number. Before I went to the Department of Home Affairs, I couldn’t understand how it was even possible. Because I wanted to maintain my good driving reputation, I ultimately paid the fine.

He claimed that despite numerous interactions with the Nelspruit Licensing Department representatives, he has never gotten any assistance and that his questions are not being addressed.

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Moeti Mmusi, the Department of Community Safety, Security, and Liaison’s spokesperson, was contacted by Mpumalanga News to discuss the situation. He stated that the department would press the issue for more help at the time it went to press.

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