The biggest lesson I learnt from a kid…

The most important lesson a child ever taught me…

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I find it hard to believe that these young people are available and willing to instruct us.

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We should n’t be surprised that children serve as our greatest living reminders.

Their way of life is straightforward. We believe that children have the blueprint for life, despite some people’s claims that this is due to their immature ways of thinking and possibly the absence of responsibilities in their lives.

The ones who have it all twisted are us as adults, and we used to think we could do anything when we were younger.

Not only can life humble you, but children are also a second source of humility.

When you take a bad turn, they can stop you in your tracks and help you put things in perspective.

Stacey and J Sbu made the decision to ask KZN to share the one lesson they have learned from the kids in their lives that particularly stands out to them because of this.


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