The National Voice of Heritage Shield Award goes to a lecturer from the University of Mpumalanga.

The National Voice of Heritage Shield Award goes to a lecturer from the University of Mpumalanga.

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At the 10th annual Golden Shield Heritage Awards held at the Cape Town Artscape Theatre, Dr. Monicca Thulisile Bhuda, a local lecturer, recently received the 2023 National Voice of the Heritage Sheld Award.

At the University of Mpumalanga( UMP ), Bhuda teaches culture and heritage. The National Heritage Council of South Africa( NHC) organizes the Golden Shield Heritage Awards to honor and recognize excellence in the heritage industry.

Bhuda stated in an interview with Mpumalanga News that after her work in the indigenous knowledge systems of Africa was studied and acknowledged, she was nominated.

This is the academic and children’s literature that addresses African heritage. I was determined to be eligible for the award based on my work because it adds to the body of knowledge.

Bhuda claimed that although her heart was racing when they named her the winner, she was nonetheless pleased with herself. She claimed that this award recognized the results of her ten years of work in this field.

” The nomination was deserving of celebration on its own.” When my name was called, I felt a lot of emotion. I was aware that the time had come for me to reap the rewards of my labor. Because it has demonstrated that my work is noticed and well-recognized, I felt incredibly honored and grateful. According to Bhuda, the award” proved to me that I have made significant contributions to the bodies of knowledge.”

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Kwaggafontein, a village in KwaNdebele close to KwaMhlanga, is where she was born and raised.

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” I spent the first 19 years of my life here.” This is where I was raised and shaped. The Mafikeng campus of North West University accepted me for sociology in 2013. On indigenous knowledge systems, I took a module. When I later learned that module was a course or program, I felt at home with it. For the indigenous knowledge systems, which were supported by the Department of Science and Technology( which is now known as the department of science and innovation ), I deregistered and registered. My life started at this time.

According to Bhuda, she intends to keep academically developing in the field of indigenous knowledge systems.

Additionally, two Mpumalanga singers advance to the top six of Idols SA.

I want to become more diverse and fluent in African languages. Additionally, I’m excited to publish my nearly finished second children’s book. My greatest accomplishment is how quickly my academic career has expanded. In three years, I was able to publish 22 papers, and at the age of 29, I earned my PhD. She said,” Indeed, hard work has shown me that it pays.

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