The online job search tool for X is now operational.

The online job search tool for X is now operational.

Karissa Bell

X has been experimenting with a job search tool that resembles Linked In. The tool’s web version is now accessible to everyone on X, with iOS and Android availability anticipated” soon,” according to the company. A beta version of the feature was only made available to verified users in August.

Numerous tech companies, including those run by Elon Musk, appear to already have open positions listed on the job search feature. Roles for SpaceX, Tesla, and Neuralink, as well as X and Musk’s most recent business, x. ai, are currently listed.

Musk previously stated that” we will see to it that the X competitor to LinkedIn is cool,” but for the time being, it seems very basic. Even for roles at X, users are directed to third-party websites to complete an application after browsing job listings and descriptions. To make individual postings easier to share across the platform, the company has been testing” job cards” elsewhere.

On its “everything app,” however, there have been indications that the business has more ambitious plans for career-focused features. The business recently changed its privacy statement to include a warning that” job applications and recommendations” may collect information about users ‘ employment histories. This might allude to a future recruiting feature for X or other, more sophisticated job-finding features.

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