Residents condemn City’s plan to relocate Paint City Safe Space

The relocation of Paint City Safe Space is criticized by the locals.

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If everything goes as planned, the Safe Space at Paint City in Bellville should be moved by 2026.

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Boston and Oakdale are two locations that are currently open for public comment. The South African Revenue Service office is across the street from the Boston site, which is situated at the intersection of Smal and Rhos Street and Oakdale.

Due to improvements to the CBD’s roads, the city-owned land parcel that currently houses the Safe Space facility needs to be moved. According to the City, the site will be extended by AJ West, Church, and Reed Streets.

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However, not long after the City unveiled the plan last week, locals voiced their opposition to the project. According to Hardus Zevenster, chair of the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District (VRCID ) Board of Directors, this proposal directly opposes the urban renewal process that the City is attempting to start in the Bellville CBD area.

Officials believe that this is a knee-jerk response and that it makes no business sense at all. They are now working to quickly address the homeless issue. All businesses and property owners adjacent to both of these sites will now be vigorously urged by the VRCID to voice their disapproval of the proposal.

The Boston area is “filled to capacity,” according to manager of the Boston City Improvement District Jean Beukman, who also queries how the city intends to “fit another 300 people into the space.”

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The proposal is n’t well thought out, claims Yollanda Fritz, vice chair of the Oakdale Neighbourhood Watch ( NHW). Sex workers who work in our neighborhood and close to schools are already a problem, and they want to spread that problem to us as well. The number of crimes will increase dramatically.

Visit Cape Town to offer your opinion on the subject. Gov. Za/City- Connect/Have Your Say/Issues-Open-for-Public-Comment/Relocation of the Paint City-Safe-Space, or hand it in at the sub-council 6 office in Voortrekker Road, Bellville.

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