Media Review Network urges SA govt to support Palestine in battle against Israel

The SA government should support Palestine in its conflict with Israel, according to Media Review Network.

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The South African government and the rest of the world are being urged by The Media Review Network to back Palestine in its conflict with Israel.

After thousands of rockets were launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip in Palestine, dozens of people were killed and more than 700 were injured.

While this attack was unexpected, the South African-based organization that sought to expose what it views as Zionist apartheid and the occupation of Palestine claimed that it was inevitable.

The Media Review Network claimed that this attack is especially significant given the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

It claimed that after Israel subjected Palestine to years of humiliation and brutality, it was forced to take revenge.

According to Firoz Osman, the organization,” We urge South Africa and the rest of the world to sever ties with Israel.”

Palestinians have started stockpiling supplies as worries about an Israeli attack grow.

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