Loyiso Nkohla’s widow angry that people he cared for allegedly murdered him

The widow of Loyiso Nkohla is furious that he was allegedly murdered by people she cared about.

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The suspects in Loyiso Nkohla’s murder, a Cape Town activist, either lived in the village where the deceased spent his formative years or in communities where he fought for the rights and dignity of the locals.

Nyameka Mabandla, Nkohla’s distraught widow, claims as much.

Zukisa Tshabile, the first suspect, was detained in Gauteng last week. He is scheduled to return to the Athlone Magistrates Court in February, and Mziyanda Mdlungu made an appearance there on Monday.

Officers detained a 39-year-old man in Peddie, Eastern Cape, shortly after Mdlungu’s arrest last week. The man was scheduled to appear in the East London Magistrates Court on Friday, but was discovered dead in his holding cell that morning.

Nyameka Mabandla, who is inconsolable, claims that she is at a loss for words when she learns that the people her husband cared about and sacrificed for will allegedly kill him.

She claimed that Loyiso Nkohla spent his formative years in the same village where the deceased suspect, the alleged mastermind behind his murder, was detained.

According to Mabandla, he portrayed himself as Nkohla’s homeboy and a struggling small businessman in need of financial success.

Two weeks before Nkohla was killed, the woman claims that Mziyanda Mdlungu attended her mother-in-law’s funeral in Peddie while the family was in Cape Town for prayer services.

Mabandla claims she found it odd that Nkohla never showed up for prayers, memorial services, or funerals after his passing, nor did he express sympathy for the family.

Nkohla was killed in Philippi in April while interacting with locals who lived close to the train station.

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