These are the top 10 Amazon Black Friday deals available right now for Kindles, Fire TV, and Echoes.

These are the top 10 Amazon Black Friday deals available right now for Kindles, Fire TV, and Echoes.

Early this year, Amazon began offering Black Friday deals, and many of its products are currently discounted. Amazon Kindles, Fire TV sticks, Echo speakers, and Eero routers were among the notable deals we found after sorting through the sales. A bundle that combines a doorbell and an Amazon display is also available to increase both’s usefulness. Doing the majority of your shopping now is probably a safe bet since we anticipate that these prices will remain unchanged through Cyber Monday.

5 Echo Shows


The refreshed 5 Echo Shows is currently 56 percent off. 

Amazon charges$ 40.

The 5 Echo Shows is Amazon’s smallest smart display and was completely refreshed back in May of this year. The processor and audio quality were improved, but the device remains largely the same. It makes a good screen-enabled bedside alarm clock or a handy kitchen display so you can see recipe videos or make calls as you cook. It’s currently down to $40 which is $50 off and a discount it has hit twice in the past couple months.

Ring Video Doorbell and 5 Echo Shows


Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell paired up with an 5 Echo Shows smart display is currently $65, which is a $125 discount and just $10 more than the set’s all-time low. 

Amazon’s$ 65 price tag

The Ring Video Doorbell paired up with an 5 Echo Shows is a great starter kit for a connected home. Right now, the two together are $65. Bought separately and at full price, you’d pay $190, though both devices are often discounted, so this deal is about $10 less than the typical sale price for the two. The doorbell runs on battery or your existing doorbell wires and shoots motion-triggered 1080p video, sending it to the Ring app on your phone or directly to your 5 Echo Shows.

4K Max Fire TV Stick


Amazon’s 4K Max Fire TV Stick is 33 percent off for Black Friday. 

Amazon charges$ 40.

The new 4K Max Fire TV Stick is on sale for $40, which is a 33 percent discount and its lowest price since its debut in September. This new model has a faster processor than the previous 4K Max dongle, and is the first stick to support Amazon’s Ambient Experience, which was previously limited to the Fire TV sets. When you’re not watching, the screen will display art, along with widgets for weather, calendar and smart home devices. The Alexa remote lets you search for and play shows and movies just by talking, and also supports Wi-Fi 6E, letting those who’ve upgraded to take advantage of that tri-band connection.

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Scribe on a Kindle

Cherlynn Low/Engadget photo

The base model Scribe on a Kindle with 16GB of storage and Amazon’s “Basic Pen” stylus is down to $240, which is $100 off its $340 list price and and a new low price that’s $15 less than the members-only deal from Amazon’s July Prime Day. We gave it a review score of 85 when it came out last year and it’s one of our picks in our guide to the best E Ink tablets. At its core, it’s a Kindle ereader that lets you take hand-written notes. That includes drawing, making to-do lists, creating sticky notes and scribbling in the margins of a small selection of Kindle titles (mostly puzzle and journaling books).

Dot Echo


The Dot Echo smart speaker is down to $23, which is 54 percent off and matches the low price it hit for previous sales at Amazon. 

Amazon price:$ 23

Amazon’s most popular speaker, the Dot Echo is back down to $23. That matches its lowest price ever, which it dropped to for both Prime Day sales earlier this year. It’s our favorite smart speaker under $50. It does a good job of delivering Alexa’s abilities and smart home control and is capable of pumping out louder and cleaner music than you’d expect from such a compact device. It can also set reminders, answer questions and turn off your connected smart lights, just by asking Alexa — which should get even more conversational soon. The Dot with a built-in clock is also on sale, with a 42 percent discount making it $35 or about $5 more than it went for Prime Day in July.

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Pop Echo


The Pop Echo is back down to its lowest price ever, which is a 55 percent discount. 

Amazon price:$ 18

Amazon’s smallest Echo speaker, the Pop Echo, is currently down to $18, which is a 55 percent discount and matches its all-time low price. It has the same Alexa-enabled features as a full sized Echo speaker, but takes up a lot less space. Of course, the sound won’t be nearly as full as its larger siblings, so this makes more sense as a way to add the AI’s help to the corner of a room than it does as a dedicated music source.



Black Friday offers a 45 percent discount on the standard Echo smart speaker.

Amazon price:$ 55

Since its introduction, the Amazon Echo has undergone four updates. It is the company’s original smart speaker. Larger and more directional speakers are now possible thanks to the latest model’s switch to a globe shape. The price is currently$ 55, which is the same as it was during both 2023 Prime sales but is slightly higher than last Black Friday’s closing price. Because it can fill an entire room with sound and is noticeably louder than its two closest rivals, the Nest Audio or HomePod mini, we named it our favorite smart speaker under$ 100. Although the highs could be crisper, the bass is impressive. Additionally, it gives Alexa everything she has to offer wherever you park it.

tablet Fire HD 10


The Amazon tablet Fire HD 10 is $60 off for Black Friday.

Amazon charges$ 80.

Amazon’s revamped tablet Fire HD 10 with 32GB of storage is now down to $80, which is 42 percent off and represents the new model’s first discount since its debut in September. Fire tablets make great couch companions, handling casual streaming and browsing, though they aren’t productivity workhorses, particularly since you’re locked into Amazon’s own app store. This generation is speedier and lighter than the previous generation and includes a better 5MP camera for video calls.

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10 Echo Shows


The latest generation of the 10 Echo Shows smart display is on sale for $90 off the list price. That makes it $160 and matches its lowest price ever. The Show 10 is unique among smart displays in that it can pivot to face the screen towards you as you move around the room. Combined that with the upcoming chatbot update to Alexa, and it feels like we’re getting closer to the advent of house robots. In the meantime, you can use the smart display to show you the weather, tell you a joke or start playing M3gan.

Wi-Fi router Eero Pro6Emesh


The Eero Pro6E Mesh Wi-Fi system from Amazon is currently$ 150 off in a three-pack.

Amazon charges$ 400.

If you want to take advantage of that 6 GHz Wi-Fi band, you’ll need a router (and devices) that support it. Amazon’s own Wi-Fi router Eero Pro6Emesh is $400 for a set of three, that’s a 27 percent discount and matches the lows it’s hit a few times before. The set of three routers should blanket up to 6,000 square feet with Wi-Fi coverage. In our tests, the routers performed well enough; they’re easy to set up and use, with an app that has a clean UI and step-by-step instructions. Unfortunately, many of the management features are paywalled, whereas systems by Google offer many of those tools for free.

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