‘They are so happy!’ From Plett to Prince Albert: 400 donkeys safe in Karoo

They are ecstatic! 400 donkeys are secure in Karoo, from Plett to Prince Albert.

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The animals were transported over the Swartberg mountains, and the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary has posted videos of them there. Jonno Sherwin updates Weekend Breakfast.

Jonno Sherwin, the creator of The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, is interviewed by Sara-Jayne Makwala King.

Animal enthusiasts have been in awe as the” Big ASS Trek” overcame the enormous logistical challenge of transporting more than 400 donkeys and other farm animals from Plettenberg Bay to Prince Albert in the Greater Karoo over the past few weeks.

The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s goal was to give the saved donkeys a permanent “legacy” home rather than their temporary residence on the Garden Route in the Western Cape.

Images from the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary showing donkeys saved from abuse
Images from the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary showing donkeys saved from abuse

A protracted drought in the region forced the organization, which had been established in 2015 on a farm in Prince Albert, to relocate in 2021.

Jonno Sherwin, the founder of the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, gives information about the relocation as well as an update on the donkeys ‘ adjustment to their new home.

Plettenberg Bay was never ideal for the donkeys, according to Sherwin, because of the climate.

They are semi-desert animals, and it is too wet. We were renting the property when it recently sold, and the new owner is tearing up all the pastures to plant macadamia nuts. We also lost a few donks due to extremely strange neurogical-related issues fairly early on.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

We finally made an offer on a stunning irrigation farm back in Prince Albert in the valley, but with an enormous amount of water so it’s super-exciting, because we were really looking for somewhere that could serve as the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary for all time.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Have You Seen It? When questioned about the logistics of this massive relocation operation, Sherman cracks a joke.

We hired a fantastic horse transporter from Joburg to transport our cargo. Six days in a row, trucks were loaded early in the morning, driven all the way across the Swartberg Mountains to Prince Albert, unloaded, returned to Plett, and then reloaded the following morning. These trucks are essentially equine floats and are typically used for the race horse industry or eventing.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

Given the large number of delicate animals housed in their ICU unit, he claims that strategic planning took about six weeks.

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Ten of the Sanctuary’s animal caregivers were also relocated, along with their belongings, water troughs and animal feed, among other things.

He is pleased to report that everyone who was transported—humans and animals—arrived safely.

For all the most recent videos, go to the Sanctuary’s Facebook page.

They had to find their sea legs when they got off the float because of their background and the fact that many farmed animals are off to slaughter when loaded. We gently introduced them to the new terrain.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

However, they are ecstatic if I tell you that they have actually passed away and entered heaven. The little ones are doing so well; you can see them wagging their tails and flapping their ears in the videos I post.Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

Sherwin depicts the plight of donkeys in South Africa as they continue to trade in skins.

To make “ejiao,” a component of traditional medicines, China imports the skins.

He emphasizes that the current biggest problem facing his organization is funding.

People need to understand that, as Sherwin points out, this crisis is also a humanitarian one.

For instance, the provincial government of the North West Province is considering raising donkeys to supply China. If we do n’t come together and demand a significant change to the current state of our animal welfare laws, this will only continue to happen in the long run, and eventually there will be no longer be an issue.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

All of these rural women who have relied on their donkeys to transport water from the well, children to school, and market supplies are now without them. People need it to spur the government to alter its policies and procedures.

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

We are very careful not to denigrate the Chinese as a nation and as people, regardless of where the skins are going to China. We also know that ejiao can be produced equally well and equally effectively with vegetable matter.Karoo Donkey Sanctuary’s founder, Jonno Sherwin

Sherwin also discusses animism, which is essentially the practice of respecting all life forms.

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It’s merely “grounding us” to the real purpose of our existence on this planet.

On their website, karoodonkey, you can learn more about the work done by the Karao Donkey Sanctuary. or go to their Facebook page to follow them.

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