This Black Friday sale will give you a$ 50 Xbox gift card for$ 5 off.

This Black Friday sale will give you a$ 50 Xbox gift card for$ 5 off.

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Kris Holt

It may be more challenging than ever to give someone a video game these days. In addition to the thousands of options, your intended recipient might already have access to a particular game through another platform or be able to subscribe to it. A safer wager is probably a gift card. In order to achieve this, Black Friday gift cards for Xbox and PlayStation can be discounted by 10 %. A$ 50 Xbox gift card can be purchased for$ 45. at both Target and Amazon.


Black Friday offers a 10 % discount on Xbox gift cards, making them an excellent choice for any gamer in your life.

At Amazon,$ 45

That almost covers the cost of three months ‘ worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is currently$ 17 per month. Alternately, that is sufficient to cover the cost of five months of PC Game Pass ($ 10 per month ) or the four-month access fee for Xbox Games ( at$ 11 ) respectively. Your recipient will have access to a library of hundreds of games if they decide to use their gift card to purchase Game Pass. Of course, they could always simply purchase games outright.

Amazon also offers 10 % off PlayStation Plus gift cards. A$ 30 gift card costs$ 27, while a$ 70 option costs$ 63. Five months of PlayStation Plus Extra access will be covered by the former. Access to hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games is available through that level of Sony’s subscription service, which is comparable to Game Pass. $ 15 per month,$ 40 per quarter, or$ 135 per year are the prices for PS Plus Extra.

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Last but not least, Amazon offers a 12-month Nintendo Switch Online Family membership for$ 32 (typically$ 35 ). A family membership allows up to eight people to use Nintendo Switch Online, so this is a good gift for any home with at least two of them. A library of NES and SNES classics, access to online multiplayer, and a few Tetris 99 and F- Zero 99 battle royale-style exclusives from Nintendo are all included in the service.

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