Sam Altman joins Microsoft, three days after being fired as CEO of OpenAI

Three days after being let go as OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman joins Microsoft.

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Greg Brockman, a fellow co-founder of OpenAI, also resigned from his position as company president following Altman’s dismissal.

Jan Vermeulen, the editor at Mybroadband, is contacted by Bruce Whitfield.

In the world of artificial intelligence, the last 48 hours have been very dramatic.

U now has Sam Altman. Less than three days after being fired as OpenAI’s CEO, S software behemoth Microsoft.

Greg Brockman, a fellow co-founder of OpenAI, also resigned from his position as company president following Altman’s firing on Friday, which caused significant disruption at the company.

More than 500 of the roughly 700 employees at OpenAI have threatened to leave their jobs as a result of Altman’s hostile ouster, so the company is currently in internal conflict.

Microsoft has a great opportunity here. Microsoft will fail if it is able to acquire the core team from OpenAI and develop the technology internally.

Editor at Mybroadband Jan Vermeulen

Sam, I’m overjoyed to have you join this new team as CEO, setting a new standard for innovation. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how to use Microsoft’s Git Hub, Mojang Studios, and other platforms to give founders and innovators the freedom to create their own identities and cultures.

20 November 2023, Satya Nadella ( @satyanadelle )

In his new position at Microsoft, Altman is anticipated to spearhead artificial intelligence innovation.

Microsoft recently unveiled significant technological advancements being made by the company, including ground-breaking collaborations with OpenAI and the addition of ChatGPT capabilities to its current offerings.

Brockman shared a post about what happened before Friday’s shocking move on social media site X, but no specifics regarding what caused Altman to be fired have been made public.

If Microsoft acquires all of OpenAI’s top executives, it could be disastrous for the organization. Sam Altman appears to be sitting in the pound seats with his supporting crew.

Editor at Mybroadband Jan Vermeulen

The board’s actions today have shocked and saddened Sam and me.

Let’s start by expressing our gratitude to all of the wonderful individuals we have worked with at OpenAI, as well as our clients, investors, and anyone else who has contacted us.

We’re still attempting to determine the precise…

Greg Brockman, ( @gdb ), November 18, 2023

We are still devoted to working with OpenAI, and we are confident in our ability to innovate with the products we unveiled at Microsoft Ignite as well as our commitment to supporting our clients and partners. We are eager to meet Emmett.

20 November 2023, Satya Nadella ( @satyanadelle )

The cards are currently held by Microsoft and Altman. In essence, he has the option to return to OpenAI. He has the option to continue working for Microsoft. Observing how this develops will be fascinating.

Editor at Mybroadband Jan Vermeulen

The large language model-based chatbot ChatGPT was developed by the American artificial intelligence ( AI ) research firm OpenAI.

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Emmett Shear, a former CEO of Amazon’s streaming service Twitch, will join OpenAI as interimCEO.

I received a call today asking me to think about taking into account an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve as @OpenAI’s interimCEO. I decided to accept after speaking with my family and giving it some thought. Due to the birth of my…, I recently resigned from my position as CEO of Twitch.

November 20, 2023, Emmett Shear ( @eshear )

Elon Musk, the owner of X ( previously known as Twitter ), who was Altman’s first board member at Open AI, shared his thoughts on the move to Microsoft.

Teams will now be required of them!

November 20, 2023, Elon Musk ( @elonmusk )

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