Tinder profiles recently underwent a “rizz-first” redesign.

Tinder profiles recently underwent a “rizz-first” redesign.

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Sarah Fielding

On a person’s Tinder profile, there has never been much more to consider than whether you like their appearance. The dating app is now introducing a number of features, including profile prompts and simple info tags, that give users an overall sense of who they are.

Many of these updates are probably familiar to anyone who has used apps like Hinge or Bumble, which are owned by the Match Group. Users of Tinder can now share their responses to statements like” The first item on my bucket list is” or the ever-popular” Two truths and a lie” thanks to profile prompts, which have long been an feature of both. People can share information using simple info tags, such as their zodiac sign, drinking habits, and romantic preferences. A quiz that highlights a user’s interests and preferences ( they can add these results to their profile ) is more distinctive. Additionally, reporting specific, alarming profile details is now an option rather than reporting the entire account.

The blatantly named” Rizz- first Redesign” makes it abundantly clear that Tinder is openly looking to engage Gen Z. A new” It’s a Match” has been added, along with UI updates and improved animations. screen. Additionally, Tinder has added a dark mode feature that allows for more covert swiping in public or dim lighting at night.

The dating app’s recent Future of Dating Report responses serve as inspiration for the updates. ” At Tinder, we recognize that today’s connections revolve around authenticity, depth, and the desire for deeper connections.” According to Mark Van Ryswyk, Tinder’s chief product officer, this collection of features is a response to this changing need. We are aware that the new generation of daters places a higher value on value-based traits like respect ( 78 % ) and open-mindedness ( 61 % ) than appearances ( 56 % ). They do n’t have time for the “game-playing” of earlier generations and are concerned with genuine connections built through shared interests and causes. In the past, was n’t connecting about authenticity? Someone else should debate that.

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