Consumers urged to buy online on Black Friday to avoid unnecessary spending

To avoid making unnecessary purchases, consumers are advised to shop online on Black Friday.

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Consumers should choose online shopping, according to JOHANNESBURG- Debt Rescue, to help cut down on unnecessary spending during the holiday season.

This week is Black Friday, which traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Spending is already anticipated to surpass pre-pandemic levels to record highs.

Consumers will celebrate Black Friday with significant spending, according to a survey.

Despite the high inflation rate and rising living expenses, this is the case.

According to the Deloitte Black Friday-Cyber Monday survey from 2023, e-commerce is still recovering from the gains experienced during the pandemic when online shopping increased.

Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, advised frugal consumers to shop online to avoid additional store temptations.

” Getting caught up in the hype and spending more than you have when you go to the stores on Black Friday is the problem.” It might be helpful to consider how much cash you have available to spend and only use that money if you must enter a retail store to purchase whatever it is you want to buy. Spend what you have instead of bringing your credit card or applying for credit at the store.

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