Activists doorstop police to demand answers for brutal barbershop assault

To demand justice for the brutal barbershop assault, activists knock on police doors.

The investigation into the brutal barber assault in Mowbray has been kept under wraps by Western Cape police and Independent Police Investigative Directorate ( IPID ) investigators.

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Buruniman Juma Igiranieza had previously expressed to GroundUp his fear of passing away on November 7 while being attacked by SAPS agents during an unannounced workplace raid.

Igiranieza, 25, is a barber in Mowbray who works Main Road. Igiranieza described the incident last week from his house, but his face was still swollen, his lip was cut, and his right eye’s laceration was covered by a gauze pad.

The police allegedly sought out Igiranieza’s boss, who they charged with drug sales. For treatment, he was brought to Groote Schuur Hospital.

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On November 10, GroundUp released CCTV footage of several police officers, including one wearing civilian clothing. At least two police officers are seen directly committing the assault in the video, and it does n’t seem like the police are concerned. Igiranieza is subjected to a barrage of punches, repeated blows from wooden objects, and plastic suffocation.

The Mowbray Police Station’s station commander was overthrown on November 15 by activist Zackie Achmat and Central Methodist Mission Reverend Alan Storey. The station commander referred all inquiries to IPID and stated that he was unable to comment on the situation.

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GroundUp repeatedly tried to get in touch with IPID, but to no avail.

When the police are lawless in this way, they lose the right to demand that others be lawful, Storey said outside the station. We find it challenging to combat the violence in society when they use violence. They are no longer credible.

According to Storey, South Africans should oppose xenophobia rather than support it. We must fight xenophobia and when the police are not held accountable because we are aware that this person is of foreign nationality, he said.

We are aware of the difficulties police encounter when dealing with rape, robbery, and murder, Achmat said. However, if we ca n’t put our trust in the police, we also have no faith in anyone else to protect us.

Every year, hundreds of people pass away while being held by police, according to Achmat. The police minister has never expressed regret for any of the people who pass away while being held.

Storey and Achmat declared that they would n’t stop until the offenders were apprehended.

By the time this article was published on Wednesday, the Western Cape Police media office had not responded to GroundUp’s inquiries.

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