World must ‘act urgently’ to stop humanitarian crisis in Gaza: China FM

To end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the world must “act urgently,” according to ChinaFM.

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BEIJING: According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, a visiting delegation of diplomats from countries with an Arab and Muslim majority must act quickly to halt the “humanitarian disaster” that is taking place in Gaza.

In his opening remarks in Beijing, Wang urged foreign ministers to cooperate in order to quickly calm the situation in Gaza and bring about peace in the Middle East.

The diplomats, including the foreign ministers of the Palestinian Authority, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, were informed by Wang that Gaza was experiencing a humanitarian disaster.

According to him, the situation in Gaza has an impact on every nation in the world and casts doubt on humanity’s fundamental principles of right and wrong.

Wang continued,” To stop this tragedy from spreading, the international community must act quickly and take effective action.”

In response to the worst-ever attack on Gaza, which it claims resulted in 1,200 deaths and the capture of 240 hostages, Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas, the country’s ruler.

According to the Hamas government, Israel’s constant aerial bombardment and ground operations have claimed the lives of at least 13, 000 people in Gaza.

Civilians make up the majority of the casualties on both sides.

Late on Sunday, China announced the arrival of the ministerial delegation, which also includes the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s secretary-general.

According to Beijing, the talks ‘ objectives are to “promote a de-escalation of the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict, protecting civilians, and justly resolving the Palestinian issue.”

Wang informed them that China is” a good friend and brother of Arab and Muslim countries.”

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According to him,” We have consistently stood up for the rights and interests of Arab and Muslim nations, and we have always stood by the Palestinian people in their efforts to reclaim their rightful national rights.”

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