IEC working with law enforcement to ensure voter registration not disrupted

To prevent disruptions in voter registration, IEC is collaborating with law enforcement.

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JOHANNESBURG- According to the Electoral Commission ( IEC ), it is collaborating with law enforcement officials to make sure that people can still visit registration stations despite protests taking place all over the nation.

This comes after demonstrations that broke out on Saturday in some places, including Mamelodi and Soweto, making it difficult for some voters to sign up.

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Thousands of people are anticipated to visit the voting stations on Sunday, the second day of voter registration.

People using this time to express their frustrations, according to the IEC, is unfortunate.

According to IEC deputy CEO Masego Shiburi, “in some communities, genuine concerns by communities are still linked to the electoral process in a very harmful way, disrupting and interfering with the rights of other citizens who may be inclined to go update their registration details.”


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