Govt must recognise traditional needs of councils – Vhembe traditional leader

Traditional needs of councils must be acknowledged by the government, and vice versa.

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VHEMBE- Although a traditional leader in Limpopo’s Vhembe District has urged villagers to cast ballots in advance of the elections the following year, more needs to be done by the government to acknowledge traditional councils ‘ needs.

Traditional leaders, according to Chief Mbangiseni Masia, who oversees the Tshivenda-speaking Ha-Masia village in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality, lacked sufficient resources.

On the sidelines of the third Men’s Parliament Dialogue, which was taking place on Sunday at a community center in his village, he was speaking to Eyewitness News.

This weekend, thousands of residents of the Vhembe district went to the electoral commission’s voting locations to cast ballots or get their information checked.

The African National Congress government, the majority of which claimed to only serve Nguni royals, has frequently expressed its dissatisfaction with traditional chiefs in Limpopo.

Chief Mbangiseni Masia of the Ha-Masia village in the Vhembe district has not shied away from this sentiment.

He admitted to Eyewitness News that despite being able to manage his village’s traditional affairs with ease, he was still resourceless.

” We cannot go so far as to say that there is no need that has been met by government. There is so much that we still need, and there are still many expectations from government.”

Nevertheless, he has urged his villagers to cast ballots in an effort to alter society.

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